Meet Jane

Jane has been using homeopathy for over 17 years completing her degree in homeopathy at the Endeavour College of Natural Health (Melbourne) in 2011. Jane was originally inspired to learn about natural medicine to support the growth and development of her children.

Having already been impressed with the results of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), a chance encounter brought Jane into the world of homeopathy – the beginning of a lifelong passion. Jane also started her interest in Kinesiology back in 2001. Jane continues to expand her knowledge by the ongoing study of homeopathy, kinesiology and bioregulatory medicine.

Jane’s focus is to support her clients to achieve – and indeed exceed – their potential by working through and ultimately shifting mental, emotional and physical barriers.

Born in the UK, Jane moved to Australia in 1992. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children. Her personal interests are a regular yoga and meditation practice, walking, being with nature, studying, travelling and socialising with friends and family.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”  (Henry David Thoreau adaptation)

Jane sees her role as assisting all her clients to sing their own individual song.


  • Advanced Diploma Homeopathy
  • Bachelor of Health Science Homeopathy
  • Certified Lifeline Practitioner
  • Cert IV Kinesiology
  • Touch For Health
  • Counselling Kinesiology
  • Chakra Healing Kinesiology
  • Body and Soul 1 and 2
  • Kinergetics 1-5
  • Diploma Integrated Healing Kinesiology
  • Diploma Kinesiology

Recent Continuing Education:

  • Bioregulatory Medicine Level 1
  • Clues 4 Groups with Dimple Kirpalani – Homeopathic Study
  • Dion Tabrett – Research, Results and Randomness Series
  • Brauer Professional Lunchbyte Webinars
  • Brauer Professional Tissue Salt Therapy Level 1
  • Metagenics Professional Seminars (Ongoing)
  • The Ferrum Group with Divya Bhatt – Homeopathic Study
  • The Bach Flower Webinar Series with Julian Barnard
  • Foundation in Natural Animal Medicines 2018
  • Homeopathy and Mental Health 2017
  • Lifeline Certification Program (Ongoing)


  • Australian Register of Homoeopaths
  • Australian Homoeopathic Association
  •  Australian Kinesiology Association
  • Australian Institute of Kinesiologists

Consultation Fees:

Initial Appointments $140

Return Appointments $109

Child Initial Appointment $95

Child Return Appointment $85

Discovery Acute Care Appointment $45