What I Do  – Carla discusses Naturopathic Oncology Support

by Carla Wrenn

Natural Healthcare for Cancer, Carla is improving outcomes alongside standard oncology and she is passionate about it!


“I love working with patients who have very complicated health histories” says Carla Wrenn, Naturopath and Owner of Peninsula Herbal Dispensary. “About 6 years ago I started to learn about Integrative Oncology and I was hooked and full of passion!”

Integrative Oncology is grounded in both mainstream oncology, science and naturopathic tradition.

Carla says it is  “Best described as Naturopathic focussed oncology support,  I love being able to provide my natural medicine expertise to the field of cancer care by offering evidence based suggestions to provide better health outcomes for cancer sufferers. The suggestions I make are carefully selected to support overall quality of life, enhance the anti-cancer effects of chemotherapy and radiation and prevent or even reverse the side effects of conventional treatments such as neutopenia, nausea, mouth sores, fatigue, anemia and neuropathy, to name just a few. All personalised for the individual person, diagnosis, treatment, goals and overall health. Integrative care focuses not only on this idea of whole person wellness now, it aims to construct a long-term survivorship plan that will increase quality of life and can help with prevention of cancer recurrence. Often involving dietary, nutritional, exercise and lifestyle counseling alongside targeted evidence based herbal or nutritional prescriptions I really see this as a game changer when it comes to Cancer for the future.”

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