Five things you must know if you are planning on getting pregnant

by Laura Gale

“Last week I attended a seminar all about preconception planning (all the things we can do to promote healthy conception), healthy pregnancies and, of course, happy and healthy mums, dads and bubs at the other end. We have so many opportunities and SO much potential to make a BIG difference. Here are my fave 5 key messages…” says Peninsula Herbal Dispensary Naturopath and Nutritionist Laura Gale.

STRESS, both from the male and female hope-to-be or expecting parents can lead to lasting genetic changes not only in their children, but also in their children’s children.

BRAIN VOLUME increases 260% in the final trimester of pregnancy…260%!!! This is a crucial time to make sure pregnant women are meeting nutrient requirements for all the brain-building good stuff.

We all know how important folate is, but have you heard about CHOLINE? It supports brain growth and function, genetic programming, and reduces the risk of neural tube defects in bubs AND reduces the risk of preeclampsia in mum. What’s scary is that only about HALF of pregnant/breastfeeding women are getting an adequate amount.

MEN play a far larger role in conception and a healthy pregnancy beyond their, er, deposit. 50% of miscarriages (that’s HALF, fellas) are associated with sperm quality.

Mum-to-be’s MICROBIOME starts to effect the health of bubs even before birth. Allergies, asthma, eczema and even obesity are all under the influence.

If you’re looking to start a family or currently pregnant get in touch! There is SO much naturopaths can do to support health during this time.


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