The Private Life of a Natural Health Practitioner with Jane Saunders

by Jane Saunders

What does a Natural Health Practitioner do in their spare time besides the usual family life, hobbies etc?

Well a big part of their life is the continuous study behind the scenes in order to be the best at what they do and to use world’s best practice within their clinic. 

Natural Health Practitioners are passionate about the work that they do and it is a lifelong commitment to learning and being the best they can, in order to serve their clients well.

My Passion is The Lifeline Technique

This past year I have been studying The Lifeline Technique.  This included, 6 months of online weekly webinars, weekly modules, plenty of reading, online exams, practicing the technique on live clients.  The finale was live intensive training in Adelaide and my final celebration of learning in order to become a Certified Lifeline Practitioner.

I am pleased to say I was successful!

So what is The Lifeline Technique?

It’s a technology.  It’s a healing system that brings together several healing modalities, including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, sound therapy and many more.  It’s about using the body’s own ability to be able to heal, regenerate completely and be whole.  The body stores all the memories that a person has experienced during their life.  Sometimes the memories are left incomplete and when this happens it can cause emotional blocks in the body.  Then it becomes like Groundhog Day, where a person keeps repeating the same pattern of response over and over in certain circumstances/situations.

What I love about this technique is that it is non-content, meaning that the client does not have to discuss the stress they are working on in order to heal.  It’s about reconnecting, balancing and thriving.  Living a life that you have dreamed of, but for some reason you are being held back from.  So if you have physical symptoms that you are experiencing in your body, frustrations in your current relationships, feel you are holding yourself back, reacting to various situations and behaving in ways that you would like to change, then The Lifeline Technique could be for you.

I hear you saying, but I have heard all this before!  So I thought I would tell you about my own personal experience on this journey.  Not only did I learn a new technique in this last year, to enhance me as a practitioner, but I got to self develop and change my reactive patterns too.  For example, I have always had an issue with standing up in front of large groups of people and speaking.  So this past year I wanted to challenge myself to change the way I do things.  I got to realise this when I stood up in front of the group on my course and lead them in the first part of the Lifeline Technique, which is called The Connection.  A year ago I would not have done this!  Another example of how it changed me was that I had a physical symptom of continuous pain to the right of my spine around L4 and L5.  My question was that it suddenly appeared and how can that happen.  I have experienced this to varying degrees over the past few years.  Glad to say that a year on, I no longer experience this pain.

The last thing I would say is that what I like about this Technique is that you continually grow as a practitioner or a client.  There are no gurus, you are not broken, there is nothing to fix, and every problem is a portal and an opportunity for change.


All members of the Peninsula Herbal Dispensary Team experienced Lifeline Technique with Jane so please call to ask any questions or email