Ausganica 100% Certified Organic Essential Oil Ylang Ylang 10ml


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Cananga odorata

100% Certified Organic

Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil is the oil obtained from a complete, uninterrupted distillation of all parts of the Ylang Ylang plant. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is heralded for being helpful with stress and anxiety & has also been used in cases of depression & when trying to cope with anger. Topically, Ylang Ylang Oil has been praised for helping combat acne and oily skin. It may also help with alopecia.

Massage: Add 5 drops to 10ml carrier oil.
Bath: Add 12-20 drops in full bath.
Vaporise: Add 8-10 drops in bowl of vaporiser.


  • Do not ingest
  • Avoid during pregnancy
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Consult with a healthcare professional before use