Breastfeeding WELL Box


Breastfeeding your baby can be such a special time, it can also be quite a challenging time. Our Breastfeeding WELL Box has been specially planned and curated by our very own naturopaths. It includes some of the essential things that may support you in your breastfeeding journey.

What is in the box:

  • A postcard with 4 important breastfeeding tips from our Naturopaths
  • Lactation Tea
  • Tea Tongs
  • Nipple Balm by Willow By The Sea
  • Lactation Cookies from Franjo Kitchen – three varieties available including a gluten free option
  • Peninsula Herbal Dispensary water bottle
  • Body Ice breast packs
  • Heart Solace blend roller by Great Mother Co

The Breastfeeding WELL Box is also a loving and caring gift idea for your loved one who is newly breastfeeding their baby.

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