Elementals Botanica Honour Within Large Candle


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Created for the Intention of Honouring the Divine  within…to love ourselves wholly & completely, exactly as we are

With this offering I hope that each time you light it, you connect to your soul, your inner guidance…breathe into it & feel the immense love that surrounds you, soak it in & allow it to fill every part of your being.

You are unique & we each have a special purpose in this lifetime…my hope is that you tune into it & hear your inner guidance & follow your souls calling.

It is your birthright to feel loved & safe within your own being, love every part of it…honour it, for the creation of life is truly miraculous, YOU ARE A MIRACLE.

Lovingly Infused with High Vibrational Energy, Organic Rose Petals, Jasmine Buds & Rose Quartz dust…adorned with high quality Rose Quartz & Rose & Jasmine buds.

Hand poured into a reusable Glass vessel…Soy Coconut Wax, completely ‘NON TOXIC’ scents of Geranium, Strawberry & Rose & Ylang Ylang

Stone of unconditional love.
Deep inner healing, purifying & opening the heart.
Instills forgiveness & acceptance.
Releases heartache & unexpressed emotions.
Beautiful loving stone, gently soothing the emotions.
As stones are each uniquely naturally grow, each piece is hand made & may vary slightly from pic shown.

105mm x 95mm

80+ hour burn time