Elementals Botanica Protection Energy Clearing Intention Candles Pyrite Set


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Elementals Botanica Protection Energy Clearing Intention Candle & Pyrite Set


Lovingly Hand crafted for the Intention of removing any dense, negative energy & offering further protection from such energy.

100% Non toxic Soy Coconut Wax & Natural scents of Frankincense & Mint, reiki infused Black Tourmaline chips & Botanicals.


  • Repels & protects from negative energy in any shape or form.
  • Transmutes dense energy into light.
  • Provides protection from harmful effects of radiation.
  • Extremely grounding.
  • Increases emotional stability & physical vitality.
  • Helps maintain positive attitude in life.


  • Protects from negative energies of all kinds.
  • Creates a protective shield around the aura when worn or carried.
  • Has a warm soothing energy.
  • Motivating & Energetic Stone.
  • Great Stone for Creativity.

Comes with a Seeded paper tag, which may be planted to grow your own beautiful, fresh herbs

Handmade product – may vary slightly from pictures shown

You will receive 3 Maxi Tea Lights & ONE Raw Pyrite Stone 2-4 cm.

15 hour burn time each

Measuring 59mm x 25mm