FitGenes Health & Wellbeing Profile+ FoodChoice + 1 Hour Naturopathic FitGenes Appointment


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Health & Wellbeing Profile + FoodChoice+ Complimentary Immune Choice + 1 hour Naturopathic FitGenes Appointment 


Why choose a Health & Wellbeing Report?

The genes in every human being exist as a pair, and like every close relationship, sometimes our genes don’t get along and don’t team up as well as others.

These genetic variations are the focus of Fitgenes’ Health & Wellbeing Report, a comprehensive analysis of your personal genetic profile and how the variants in your genes can influence your fitness and your general health.Fitgenes will review specially selected genes to assist you and your practitioner determine diet and lifestyle choices suited to your DNA.

Our Health & Wellbeing Report will outline gene variations, and whether peer-reviewed science suggests they’re beneficial or not. Remember, many genetic variations can be managed or compensated for; your practitioner will step you through this process.

Why Choose a FoodChoice report?

Diet-related health issues can be frustrating and debilitating, often involving multiple visits to clinicians and specialists.

Symptoms of food sensitivity can manifest in many forms, from low-level intolerance to certain foods, up to chronic responses like Coeliac Disease.

Fitgenes applies its expertise in genetics to provide personalised advice and interventions to prevent diet-related health complaints, using nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Nutrigentics: the study of the impact of genetic variation on dietary responses

Nutrigenomics: the scientific discipline that studies how nutrients affect gene expression

Put simply, your genes are not your destiny: you can modify your genetic predisposition to certain conditions by making the right dietary and lifestyle choices

Recevie a 1 Hour Naturopathic FitGenes Appointment with the purchase of this product.

Your Privact is very important to us?

Fitgenes don’t share or sell data and have an extremely high level of protection when they manage your samples and data, using bank-level encryption and 24 hour security.