My Tribe of Three Eye Pillow


A soothing blend of 100% Australian lavender and wheat, relaxation eye pillows with the cooling or slightly heated weight, placed over your eyes will help reduce eye puffiness, ease headaches, and help you to relax.  The scent of lavender will help ease stress and promote a restful sleep. They are also fantastic for when you are meditating.

Our wheat packs are made locally here on the Mornington Peninsula, using natural organic fabrics cotton and linen.  The designs are exclusive to the Peninsula Herbal Dispensary.

These make wonderful gifts for any age.

Measurements: Width: 7.5cm Length: 24cm, the perfect size to place over your eyes without covering your nose.


Heating and handling should be done by an adult.

  1. Place the wheat bag in the centre of your microwave oven (fold in half if needed)
  2. Set your microwave time according to the guidelines on instructions.
  3. Make sure that your turntable is working properly and that your wheat bag rotates freely to ensure even temperature distribution.

PLEASE NOTE: Heat absorption is not immediate. Please allow the warm wheat bag time to evenly distribute the heat through.


Place in snap lock bag to keep freezer smells away and put in freezer for a min of 10 mins

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