The Sleep Boss – Mindfulness Blend Essential Oil Refill 30ml


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Sleep Boss products are certified 100% pure and natural essential oil blends, infused in Organic Moroccan Argan Oil (Argania spinosa L.), Jojoba and Natural Vitamin E.

The exquisite mindfulness blend helps the mind achieve a state of calm and focus, and grounds the spirit.

  • 30ml
  • Blended & bottled in Australia
  • Protected in natural bamboo casing, travel friendly, and perfect to carry with you.
  • 100% natural and exclusively formulated.
  • Made and Owned in Australia
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • Reusable, refillable, recyclable

The Mindfulness Essential Oil Blend is a blend of:

  • Pink Grapefruit – reduces stress and lowers blood pressure and helps balance mood.
  • Amyris – reduces stress; ensures a calm and balanced mind.
  • Jasmine – relaxes and uplifts a sense of self-confidence.
  • Frankincense – support a healthy immune and nervous system.
  • Cedarwood – calming and grounding properties for the mind and body.
  • Ylang Ylang – proven to boost mood, relieve anxiety and stress and maintain blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Cistus – a calming and uplifting scent that might also stimulate the five senses.

Use your refill to top up your roller anytime. Our refills are encased in natural bamboo; each item is beautifully unique. Sleep Boss products use bamboo for their sustainable qualities and natural textural elements. In addition, the bamboo cases are reusable and refillable; there is no wastage.

The side window allows you to see your usage and when it is time to refill.