Upon Reflection

Melanie Robinson is the Dispensaries very much loved Retail Buyer and Product Developer, she has also stepped into so much more as she brings to life our growing vision for Peninsula Herbal Dispensary. Mel’s reflection of our Social & Spiritual Connection Event this Monday gone with Lionel from Living Culture needs to be shared. Thanks Mel for your perfect description of the time we shared with Lionel.
Over to Mel:
It was the most incredible Autumn morning at the Briars, I certainly thought what a great way to start the week, a stroll through one of the most beautiful parts of the Mornington Peninsula, I didn’t really have any other expectation of what the morning would be about.
As our guest for the walk arrived it was a lovely calm feeling and social connections were made almost immediately over a hot cup of herbal tea.  It was really lovely to see such a broad range of people and ages too.
As soon as Lionel from Living Culture started to talk I knew we were in for an informative and engaging session, his presence and knowledge shone through and he had us all captivated and interested in every word he had to say.
There were so many things I did not know about our local area, so many plants we can eat or use for medicinal purposes, there is even a moss and a tree that work together to make what would have been the first disposable nappy.
A yadaki guided meditation session was spine tingling and really helped connect to nature.  Our indigenous people have so much they can teach us. Lionel is a rare find, someone with all of this knowledge who wants to share it for future generations, such an incredible person.
To have someone within our local community with such knowledge and so accessible and willing to impart that knowledge needs to be known about.  I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and would definitely do it again, I know there is so much more I can learn from Lionel and about indigenous history, our local plants and trees and how we should treat our environment with respect and sustainability.
Lionel’s respect for Mother Nature is inspiring.
Melanie Robinson is our Retail Buyer and Product Developer for Peninsula Herbal Dispensary. When you buy a beautiful item in store, a gift for someone you love, a super food for your morning smoothie or a new book to boost your health knowledge, Mel has no doubt chosen this beautiful item with you in mind as she curates our ever growing WELL Store and WELL Box ranges. 
All beautiful photos are by Kerry from @38thparallelproductions