Naturopathic Dispensary Mornington


Helping Australians naturally through our Herbal Dispensary

Our dispensary is a leader in natural healthcare in Australia and provides over-the-counter acute care consultations for chronic illnesses. Our qualified Naturopaths are able to assist you with some simple treatment options and lifestyle suggestions.

If our Naturopaths feel the health issue is more complex or requires more personalised care you may be referred to our Clinic.

We also dispense prescription-only pharmaceutical-grade natural medicines including:

  • Herbal medicines in tea, liquid, tablet and powder form
  • Nutritional supplements including highest quality vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, fish oils and nutraceuticals
  • Homoeopathic medicines
  • Compounded natural creams
  • Protein powders
  • Electrolyte formulas
  • Celloids
  • Aromatherapy essential oils
  • Body care products

Pharmaceutical grade natural medicines by prescription

All the products we dispense are pharmaceutical grade, prescription - only natural medicines that comply with the high standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This means that they are well-researched medicines of the highest quality and therapeutic efficacy that will be prescribed specifically for you by one of our dedicated practitioners. We also provide a dispensing service for other local natural medicine Practitioners.

Under the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia has some of the strictest regulations in the world for natural medicines. Most other countries, such as the UK, New Zealand and the United States, allow natural medicines to be sold as ‘foods’ without any need for evaluation of the quality of raw materials, manufacturing, effectiveness or safety.

It is reassuring to know your TGA approved practitioner-only medicines have extensive high quality published scientific evidence demonstrating the safety and efficacy in disease treatment. This is not always the case for other natural medicines where we see poor quality, purity, safety and interactions as a common issue.

To repeat order your Natural Medicine Supplements from our  Dispensary contact us.

Please note: For most of our products, you will require a valid script from your prescribing Practitioner. To check if you have a valid script on file from the Practitioner you see in our Clinic or for more details on what is required for a script from a Practitioner outside our clinic please contact us.

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Please call (03) 5977 0117 or email to book a consultation. And if you have any questions at all, give us a call and we’re happy to discuss what you are looking for and how we can help.