Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton

Naturopath & Nutritionist

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Every second Friday.

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Meet Sarah

Sarah is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath, graduating from Southern School of Natural Therapies, Fitzroy, VIC, and a member of the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia. Sarah has been a practising Naturopath for 3 years, and began her journey working in the holistic health industry over 10 years ago.  

Sarah’s love for Naturopathy stemmed from her passion for helping people, blended with her love for nature, science, and the magic natural medicine holds to heal the body. Her purpose as a Naturopath is to help each person feel at home within themselves again, and bring wellness back into their life.

As a practitioner, Sarah’s approach is holistic and individualised. She focuses on exploring and addressing the root cause/s of health manifestations, from a mind, body and spiritual perspective. To do this she utilises the most recent, evidence-based scientific research, blended with traditional Naturopathic philosophy. She uses herbal medicine, nutrition, diet and lifestyle modifications and functional pathology where necessary, to develop personalised treatment plans that reflect her patient’s treatment goals. 

Sarah places a strong focus on patient education, to empower each person to better understand their health. Her areas of special interest lie in mental and emotional wellbeing, digestive disorders, and skin conditions; however, all walks of life are welcomed!

Outside of practicing, you’ll be able to find Sarah exploring new nature tracts with my dogs, road tripping with her partner and camping out in their van, or on the beach with a good book.


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Consultation Fees:

Initial Appointments $175

Initial Children’s Appointment $125

Return Appointments $105

Extended Return Appointments $145