In-Clinic Physical Assessment

In Clinic Testing

Our clinic offers a range of In Clinic Testing for better health outcomes

We offer a number of tests that can easily be conducted in consultation within our clinic to better assess your health concerns.

Physical Exam Assessment

Within a consultation one of the key ways we collect and gather information about your individual health particularly your nutritional status.

  • Height
  • Weight 
  • Hair
  • Skin & nails
  • Blood pressure 
  • Neurological 
  • Respiratory check

We offer this assessment free of charge to all patients, it is an often over looked health tool for kids and adults that we find is invaluable in assessing any health issues, including nutritional deficiencies.

Full Blood Examination

A full blood examination looks at the parameters that make up your blood and can be used to indicate possible nutritional, inflammatory, detoxification and immune changes, a great screening tool to determine your treatment and monitor your health.


Iridology is a traditional Naturopathic tool used to offer hints about a person’s health, strengths and weaknesses by examining the eyes.

It is the art and science of analysing the colour, structure, markings and unique changes of the iris to determine tissue integrity, degeneration and basic function of the individual’s body.

Iridology may be used alongside other testing and assessments to determine health status.


Mineral Status Test

A simple test to assess and rate your basic nutritional status.

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