Ali Bolch

Ali Bolch

Naturopath & Nutritionist

Wednesdays & Thursdays with after hours appointments available (Online Only**)

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Meet Ali

Ali is our very own sports naturopath. She takes an individualised approach as she recognises no two athletes or sports are the same. She combines the best of herbal medicine and nutrition in order to help sportspeople improve athletic performance, reduce risk of injury, optimise recovery and reduce exercise fatigue.

Having grown up playing competitive sports in netball, softball and volleyball. And competed at a high level in snowboarding and dancing. She understands firsthand the pressure sport performance can have on an individual and the importance of nourishing and recovering a body to avoid burnout or injury. She works with the individual to get the very best out of their body and reach their full potential in a safe and empowering manner.

Ali has a drive and passion to always be at the forefront of new sport nutrition research and data. Providing the perfect balance of holistic and evidence-based medicine in order to give patients the greatest possible outcome. All while continuously developing her skills in the realm of sports performance.

Ali takes great pleasure in supporting individuals and watching them reach their full potential, whether they are a weekend warrior, play for a local team or an athlete in their sport. If they have a passion for sport, she has a passion to help.

In the world of sportspeople, she has a particular interest in women of sport and young athletes. When she’s not immersed in the world of naturopathy you’ll find Ali cooking up a storm in the kitchen or travelling the globe in search of the best pasta. She also adores nature, so anything outdoors and adventurous you’ll find this Naturopath partaking in. See Ali’s latest win and how she supported herself and her team here.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Professional Memberships:

  • Australian Natural Therapists Association

Consultation Fees:

Initial Appointments for Adult & Children Athletes $175

Return Appointments $105

Extended Return Appointment $145

**Ali is currently travelling and competing in Europe meaning all consultations with Ali will be held virtually via telehealth.