Summer Healthy Reading List

by Peninsula Herbal Dispensary

Throughout the year, our passionate Naturopaths love to share what is happening in the world of health, whether it be the latest research, health trends, favourite supplements, recipes, or health tips.

We have curated a list of our favourite summer healthy reading from our Peninsula Herbal Dispensary articles to books featured within our WELL Store.

Click on the links below to read.


  1. Nine tools to sooth anxiety
  2. How Do I Get My Child To Take A Supplement?
  3. How Social Networks Can Impact Our Health
  4. Are your food choices making you anxious?
  5. 4 Weight Loss & Metabolic Health Tips For Perimenopausal Women
  6. Butyrate: an amazing gut & whole body health promoter
  7. Top 4 Healthy Eating Tips After A Cancer Diagnosis
  8. 3 ways to support healthy milk supply while you’re breastfeeding


  1. The Wellness Cabinet
  2. Adaptogens
  3. Plants for the People
  4. Walks of the Mornington Peninsula

A great way to start the new year. Enjoy the read!